What to expect when taking Tretinoin

2-4 Weeks of Usage

Here’s what to expect during the first two to four weeks of Tretinoin usage:

-Slight irritation to the skin
-Some skin peeling
-This is the ‘purge’ phase

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4-6 Weeks of Usage

Here’s what to expect during the first four to six weeks of Tretinoin usage:

-You can increase the frequency of your dosage here
-Your skin should be smoother and with less peeling

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8-12 Weeks of Usage

Here’s what to expect during the first eight to twelve weeks of Tretinoin usage:

-You will notice major positive changes to your skin
-Deeper layers of the skin are healthier resulting in a fresher feel
-Dark spots begin to lighten

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6+ Months of Usage

Here’s what to expect after 6 months of Tretinoin usage:

-Long-term usage will work forever and you will notice benefits for as long as you use the treatment
-Wrinkles and fine lines will diminish
-Acne breakouts are very rare

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Can I expect acne to improve after long-term use of Tretinoin?

Yes, although it is important that you stick with your medication. After around 12 weeks you will begin to notice a considerable improvement in your skin.

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Can acne get worse when using Tretinoin?

When you first start to use Tretinoin it is highly likely that you will experience a skin purge. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step. After this phase is finished you should notice a significant improvement in your skin. 

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How much tretinoin should I use to avoid unwanted side effects?

When you first begin to use Tretinoin your doctor or prescriber will provide you with instructions on how to best use your medication. Typically, you will apply a pea-sized amount of cream onto your face every night.

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What can you expect when taking Tretinoin?

Here are some side effects you should expect to experience when you start using Tretinoin:

-A burning sensation
-Skin peeling
-A redness to the skin

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Will using Tretinoin with sun-sensitivity skin products cause irritation?

Tretinoin usage increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV rays. You should use a high-SPF moisturiser, like Purifide, when using Tretinoin.

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Will using Tretinoin with hair products cause irritation?

There is no link between Tretinoin and hair loss. There is also no need to be concerned about using any hair products such as hairspray or gel as these are not directly applied to sensitive areas of the skin. 

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Will using Tretinoin with skin products that contain alcohol cause irritation?

Using skin products that contain alcohol can make the skin more susceptible to side effects including stinging, burning and redness.

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